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Sensible Lines (formerly Slim Lines) Milk Tray Breast Milk Freezer Storage Trays ($17.95)

If you are trying to store your extra breast milk, then Slim Lines Milk Trays Breast Milk Storage Trays are the perfect way to freeze your breast milk. Not only are the perfect shape to fit into all bottle openings, they will save you much more money than using conventional breast milk bags.

Because Slim Lines Milk Trays are used over and over again and are not disposed of after each use, as milk storage bags are, they are much better for the environment.

Each milk tray contains 16 one-ounce tube shaped spaces. Once breast milk is frozen, the breast milk can be dropped into the opening of any bottle for your baby. The reusable trays easily stack on top one another creating plenty of space in your freezer.

Slim Lines Milk Trays help from wasting your precious breast milk:

If you were to waste only two ounces of breast milk in one day.
That equals 10 ounces wasted in one work week!
That adds up to 40 ounces wasted in one work month!
You have now wasted 480 ounces in one year!

WOW, and that is only counting just two ounces a day.
Make the right choice for yourself and your baby. Freeze your expressed breast milk in Milk Trays.

Sensible Lines (formerly Slim Lines) Milk Trays Breast Milk Storage Trays
1 Unit = 2 trays & 2 lids

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