GotBreastPump Company FAQ’s

  • What inspired you to start your business? Having the difficulty of searching for the perfect place for information about breast pumping and becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of the information caused me to put my ideas together and create a website for moms.

  • What is your professional background? At Louisiana State University, I decided to complete my education with a BA in English, I took my degree and taught high school English for a number of years.  After having my first baby, I decided that the stress and amount of time associated with teaching was too difficult, therefore, I completed a certificate in Graphic Design.  After several years of working as a graphic designer, I continued my education by focusing on web programming.  While working as a web programmer, I was able to combine my passion for breast pumping with my love for web programming and created

  • What is your favorite product?  I definitely love the More Milk Plus pills.  Just about every breast pumping moms experiences a time when the amount of their breast milk begins to decrease.  More Milk Plus pills helps tremendously and gives peace of mind.