Weekly Giveaway – Dec. 18

Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle ($12.95)

Your Podee bottle is like an extra set of hands!

The Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle System is a must have for all new moms especially those needing to feed twins, triplets, quads & multiples. The Podee makes life easier for parents and is the ultimate baby shower present or new baby gift.

  • This baby bottle enables the baby to feed in an upright and semi-upright position, as recommended by pediatricians.
  • It helps prevent ear infections.
  • It also helps prevent colic.
  • Now you have the ability to feed your baby while driving, in the middle of hectic situations, or any other time that requires your attention while baby is anxiously waiting to be fed.

No more waiting – your podee hands free baby bottle will give you the peace of mind during those stressful times and allow you to enjoy those special moments with your baby more often.

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You have until Wednesday at midnight, December 23, to enter.

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