Giving Your Toddler Ice Cream for Lunch?

Its Hot, Hot, Hot outside in July. Your toddler’s appetite is at an all time low because of the endless heat. My daughter comes inside from playing for just a few minutes and her beautiful long hair is matted to her head.

At lunch time, I try to get this toddler eating, so she can take a cool nap. She’s cross with the heat and not hungry. I know she isn’t going to nap well on an empty stomach.

Magic is required to get some nutrition into my finicky toddler. I ask if she wants some ice cream and her little eyes light up a bit but she’s not sure.

I get the frozen vanilla yogurt out and put some in her favorite bowl with a few bits of fresh peach. I let her sprinkle some granola cereal on top and she is not interested in trying her peachy cooler.

As a nutrition conscious mom, this is not a typical lunch, but extraordinary measures are needed sometimes to get hard to feed toddlers to eat in the heat. Their little bodies need calories for toddler growth spurts.

I am careful to buy frozen yogurt that has a higher protein content and added calcium. It also supplies live active cultures of L. acidopihilus, Bifidobacteriumor and or other probiotic bacteria. These probiotics are important for maintaining intestinal flora and also aides the immune system. It might even help with toddler constipation.

So, feel free to give in and offer frozen yogurt when feeding a toddler, it actually packs a fair nutritional wallop. It is as good as feeding you toddler milk. And you precious finicky eater will rest well during that warm summer afternoon nap because, like milk, it also has tryptophan will help you toddler sleep.

You might even want to partake of a bit of the peachy cooler while feeding your toddler for the health benefits, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Chill out mom, its summer.

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  1. Thanks for the input. This can be applicable where I am from coz I live in a tropical country. Although yogurt here is more expensive :( But with these benefits I might consider it as an investment :)

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