Get Rid of the Guilt!

How many moms feel guilty?  Go ahead raise those hands – I think every mom has at some time or another; especially if you are a working mom or a mom that does not breastfeed.  I had immense guilt about not breastfeeding my babies.  I tried so hard to do it, but my depression was so bad that there was no way.  Luckily with Gabrielle, I really found breast pumping and knew that I could provide my breast milk to my sweet baby.

Even though I didn’t breastfeed either baby, I did learn how to bond with them and become extremely close with both.  My favorite way to bond with my sweet babies was to take 30 minutes or so just to get into a nice, warm tub with my new babies.  Spending those few moments together just cooing and kissing was such a wonderful way to get close with my babies and make them feel secure and loved.

I just read a wonderful article that I really enjoyed from The Globe and Mail.  It relayed a great message that working moms really do give just as many hugs and kisses as moms that stay at home with their babies.  As a working mom, I feel terribly guilty that I could not be there 24/7 with my babies and felt that they were missing so much.  Even though I knew that I gave everything that I could when I was with them, I still felt that I wasn’t doing as good as I could if I were able to stay home.

Well, studies prove it.  Those of who feel the guilty can rejoice and realize that we do a great job with our babies and they are truly loved.

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