I’m Back!

Hey mommies!

I’m back from a long hiatus. Getting a job a couple of years go really became overwhelming and Gotbreastpump suffered from it. Although it’s a great job, and I’m so thankful for it, your continued comments and questions have beckoned me back to the website. I’m hoping that my research and information about getting the best nutrition for your baby will help many moms.

But before we set out on the techniques and tricks for getting that breast milk for you baby, I think the most important advice that I can give is to trust yourself.

Listening to your own intuition will give you the great insight to that your baby really needs. I think we’re so sleep deprived and nervous with a new baby, especially first-time moms, that we forget that we have a an innate sense of how to be a great provider. However with the plethora of information being bombarded at us, even while still pregnant, we forget that we moms have the greatest connection to that one very unique baby.

Relax, listen to your heart and enjoy your brand new sweetness.

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