Free Podee Hands-free Bottle Contest

Congratulations to Melinda Sams. She is our big winner weekly winner of the Free Slim Lines Milk Tray Breast Milk Storage Trays Contest. Thanks Melinda for sharing with your friends.

This week’s contest is for a give-a-way of an Podee Hands Free Bottle. We had such an overwhelming response for these the last time that we decided to give another away. These are just loved because of the great convenience it provides.

How do you enter for your free Podee Hands Free Bottle:

Create a post on one of your favorite forums/communities about our contest or website with a link back to our website/blog. Once you have created the post, email me,, with a link to your post.

If I have received your email, I will let you know by replying to your email. The deadline to get your email out to your friends and myself will be Sunday at midnight, so make sure to get those posts out by then. I will then compile all the entry names and choose at random for the winner.

Good Luck!

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