Do you have “Milk Power”?

You have the power to save babies’ lives!

Today, I spoke with Bridget at The Mothers Milk Bank at Austin. Bridget said that distribution of donor human breast milk soared 20% in the month of December 2008. Average monthly distribution of donor human milk is about 17,000 ounces, but in December, distribution requests are up to 21,000 ounces. New hospitals are now drawing on donor human milk supplies and more doctors are requesting donor human milk for preterm and sick infants.
This striking swell in donor human milk demand is no surprise. Between 2007 and 2008, donor breastmilk orders increased 40,000 ounces, over 20% in one year. This trend clearly indicates a need for “Milk Power”.
“Milk Power” saves the lives of thousands of babies every year. Milk Power is the power of mothers who donate their precious, extra breastmilk to breastmilk banks. Many mothers pump extra, especially after the 3rd month through about the 9th month of lactation.
A mother who has spare breast milk to donate, can help a mother whose sick baby is in NICU. Not only can a mother feed her own infant but she can help save the lives of other infants, at the same time. This is the power of “Milk Power”.’s Wendy Williamson donated to Mothers Milk Bank at Austin. She challenges breast pumping moms with extra breast milk to donate. also donates breast pumps to low income mothers or mothers with sick babies through The Zachary Williamson Memorial Foundation. All the information is located on the website.
You too can have “Milk Power”! Simply call The Mothers Milk Bank at Austin at 512-494-0800 or visit their website for more information. Their supportive staff will help you with the easy process.
You can save babies’ lives. What greater power is there on Earth.
Call Today! Babies and their mothers need your “Milk Power”.

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