Dieting Can Slow Breastmilk Supply


I Dieted and Now My Breastmilk Supply is Low. Can You Help?


Good morning, I found your website and thought I might be able to get some information from you.  My baby boy is 5 months old.  He drinks only breast milk and eats cereal twice a day.  I am having a difficult time with the pumping enough milk.    I have been dieting, could this be the cause of my milk supply dropping?  I have stopped dieting again, but still not seeing an increase in my milk supply.  I purchased the More Milk Plus and Milkmaid Tea but I am not able to pump nearly as much as before.  My son is drinking more than I am able to pump. 


How can I get my breast milk supply up? He nurses in the morning, I pump several times at work and he nurses a couple of times in the evening before bedtime. 

Where do I begin? I am very worried.

 Thanks from a challenged mom. 



When a mothers milk supply decreases, it may take several attempts to figure out how to get back on track.    


Successful breast pumpers will emphasize the importance of at least one or 2 night pumping sessions.

At the very least, while you are trying to bring you milk back, add 2 pumping sessions between your baby’s last feeding in the evening and the morning feeding.


It is great that you are pumping and breast feeding.  Breast pumping is also wonderful, because your baby gets the extraordinary benefits of breast milk while you are away from her.


Once you add the 2 night feedings, you will most likely see an increase, usually, by the 2nd morning after the 2 night pumping sessions, if not the next morning. You may not get very much milk at all during the first night sessions. The purpose for adding the night pumping is to discourage the hormone, feedback inhibitor from reducing your milk supply.  Many hormones are at work during breast milk production. 


I know you were dieting, but this is an important not to make too many dietary changes. Dieting can clearly affect breast milk production.  Breast pumping moms swear by  a bowl of oatmeal as a food that  keeps milk supply up.


Also, check out the article on our website for 10 Ways to Increase Breastmilk Supply.  These tips have helped a lot of moms. 

We, at, wish you the very best in breast pumping and breast feeding.


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  1. In this blog the author explained that how the diet effects on a woman’s breast and milk in the breast,and when milk decreased what they should do for increasing them is also explained in this blog.

  2. This is great information. I have used Motherlove and Breastea to increase milk supply. Both of them have workd great. You just want to make sure that you are breastfeeding or pumping a lot.

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