China’s Baby Formula Horror


Reportedly, one baby dead and many others suffer serious or permanent kidney damage when the babies were fed baby formula that was contaminated with melamine.  Let’s face it, China has not been known for it clear cut honesty, so the number of deaths and illnesses could be higher than anyone will ever know. But the story does not end back in China.  The FDA has advised consumers to be cautious since “limited quantities might have found their way into some grocery products” that contain milk.

So parents in the US and around the world, BEWARE! Obviously the accountability for food contamination in China is about the same as the accountability on Wall Street.  After four (4) different melamine food product contaminations that have entered the US and other countries food supplies in a few short years, clearly, this is not the last time babies will die from melamine laced products that are “Made in China”.

With the world economics in the toilet and poisonous baby formula there, you could not choose a better time in history to give you baby breast milk.

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