Chick, Cool, Funtabulous Breast Pumping Accessory

Polka Dots and breastmilk make a big splash at  

PumpEase™ Hands-free Pumping Supports are too much fun!!  When Wendy Armbruster Bell, creator of these ‘out of this world’ breast pumping supports contacted Wendy and I, we were blown away by such totally fun, fabulous, pretty bustiers.

We knew immediately that we had to add these to our line of hands-free breast pumping accessories.  Why shouldn’t moms enjoy how they look and feel when they breast pump?  Fashion and function in one adorable package.

Breast pumping moms, you can have it all.  Don’t drop that Blackberry, just put on your cute little PumpEase and go back to your Blackberry Sarah Palin, read, make phone calls, or just surf the net. The comfort, and ease of use will make life as a new mom more enjoyable

Who said, “You can’t have it all”?  Who ever said that did not spend time with women like Wendy Armbruster Bell or Wendy Williamson, owner of  Both small business owners believe in making wise use of time.  And why not look good doing it?

Buy one of these funtabulous PumpEase™ Hands-free Pumping Supports today. Come on ladies, multitask, feel good, free your spirit free.





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