Pumping Your Breast Milk for Other Babies

Recently, we have been receiving emails from moms stating that their babies had to go on formula and wanted to know what they can do with their already frozen breast milk.  Like any mom that has pumped their precious breast milk, it is almost impossible to physically force yourself to just throw into a garbage […]

Bottle vs Breastmilk Debate has a New Twist – THE ECONOMY!

One Way Families Can Cope New mothers are considering a relatively new factor in the bottle versus breastmilk debate – THE ECONOMY. In fact, 88 percent of new moms are weighing the budget benefits of breastfeeding right alongside the health benefits, a recent survey shows. Families are now realizing that they can save around $1,200 […]

Do you have “Milk Power”?

You have the power to save babies’ lives! Today, I spoke with Bridget at The Mothers Milk Bank at Austin. Bridget said that distribution of donor human breast milk soared 20% in the month of December 2008. Average monthly distribution of donor human milk is about 17,000 ounces, but in December, distribution requests are up to 21,000 […]

How to Get on a Pumping Schedule with a New Baby

Question from a New Mother My baby is 2 weeks old and due to issues latching on I am trying to pump for him. Our first week and a half was so hectic that I wasn’t very disciplined about pumping and I have not been able to collect enough for more than 1 bottle a […]

How a Breast Pump Works

Two Basic Knobs Operate a Pumps Vacuum & Speed Using a breast pump takes a bit of trial and error.  Depending on the type of breast pump, there are two major adjustment knobs.  One knob is for vacuum adjustment, that will affect the comfort level for suction.  Less is more with this knob.  Mothers have […]

Give Away that Breast Milk

Breastfeeding your baby is such a wonderful and beautiful experience, and the promotion of exclusively breastfeeding your baby has been quite successful. Though I was not successful with bringing my babies to breast, I was very proud to provide breast milk to my babies by breast pumping. Unfortunately, the promotion of bringing baby to breast […]

FREE Breast Milk!

When I was breast pumping for Gabrielle, it was extremely important for me to donate my extra breast milk to sick babies in need of breast milk for their health. A milk bank in Texas was the closest place for me to donate my breast milk; therefore I had to ship my breast milk, which […]