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Sensible Lines (formerly Slim Lines) Milk Tray Breast Milk Freezer Storage Trays ($17.95) If you are trying to store your extra breast milk, then Slim Lines Milk Trays Breast Milk Storage Trays are the perfect way to freeze your breast milk. Not only are the perfect shape to fit into all bottle openings, they will […]

Massage Your Breasts While Breast Pumping

When you learn to breastfeed, you are told to massage your breasts to help with the let down of your breast milk.  Well, of course the same holds true for breast pumping.  However, in addition to massaging just prior to using your breast pumping, you will want to massage your breasts while breast pumping. As […]

Using a Quality Breast Pump for Successful Breast Pumping

Having a quality breast pump is essential if you plan to breast pump exclusively or even occasionally when returning to work.  If you do not have a quality breast pump intended for full time use, then your efforts at breast pumping will be useless.  After some time of using a lower quality breast pump (battery […]

10 Tips to Successful Exclusive Breast Pumping

Exclusive breast pumping is becoming more and more popular as moms become busier and busier.  But as each year passes, providing breast milk to our babies while still keeping the hectic schedule that we call our lives, it becoming must easier and more efficient. The 10 tips should help you make your breast pumping more […]

Traveling And Breast Pumping-Where Is The Best Place To Set-Up For Breast Pumping Sessions

This is the busiest travel time of the year and you are pumping.  Well, congratulations, this is usually when most moms stop pumping because of the hassle of traveling and pumping.  But, remember, if you plan your pumping ahead of time, you will be more successful and be able to continue to give your baby […]

Using a Breast Pump To Stop Engorgement

Engorgement can be a very painful thing to go through.  As you are going through the process of drying up your breast milk, you feel like the pain of the engorgement will never go away.  I was lucky enough to breast pump for my baby girl for over a year; however, before that I attempted […]

We Want You to “Touch Yourself”

Breast Pumping can be a difficult thing to get used to, however, many moms must do it, so that they can return to work or leave baby for a short period of time.  Therefore, moms need the easiest and most convenient way to breast pump. Before placing the breast pump horns on your nipples, find […]

Freemies – Hands-free Collection System

A new invention has been created for breast pumping moms, Freemies.  These are interesting little containers that you pop into your bra, attach your breast pump tubing to it, and voila, your breast milk goes straight into the containers in your bra. The mom behind this new gadget had to return to work as an […]

Is That a Breast Pump In Your Pants or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

According to The Ledge, a man was arrested for attempting to steal a breast pump by sticking in down in pants.  A Wal-mart security officer noticed the man stuffing the breast pump pieces down in pants, followed him through the garden section and gave chase as the man was leaving the store. Seriously, what was […]

Babies R Us Has Completely Lost My Respect!

If you are a mommy or know someone who will be soon, then you may want to reconsider that trip to Babies R Us.  As a breast pumping mom, I was very happy with the breast pump that I purchased years ago, the Medela Pump in Style.  However, as an internet retailer of pumping products, […]