Mommy Mobile App – American Baby’s Baby Nursing

American Baby’s Baby Nursing app incorporates many of the essential items that keep a busy, new mom organized.  Having one place to record daily activities, routines and milestones would be beneficial for any mom, especially those that have a Type A personality like me. The American Baby Baby Nursing app is a free app that […]

Back to Basics – Part 1 (why exclusive pumping?)

Many moms have different reasons for choosing to exclusively pump. Although for my last baby I setup her room to lock myself in and get this breastfeeding thing down, it just didn’t work for me. I had severe depression with each birth, and my doctor put me on anti-depressants during my third trimester with Gabrielle. […]

I’m Back!

Hey mommies! I’m back from a long hiatus. Getting a job a couple of years go really became overwhelming and Gotbreastpump suffered from it. Although it’s a great job, and I’m so thankful for it, your continued comments and questions have beckoned me back to the website. I’m hoping that my research and information about […]

Which Breast Pump is Right for You?

Whether you are going back to work; want to be able to get time away from baby to take care of yourself, run errands, or spend time with dad; or planning to pump exclusively, the breast pump can be an invaluable tool. Using a breast pump is also a great way to help increase your […]

Breastfeeding Options

Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your little one? Maybe you are already experiencing the joys and challenges of life with a new baby. You made an important decision when you chose to breastfeed your baby. A recent study at Forsyth Memorial Hospital in Winston-Salem, N.C., asked 150 mothers who had just given birth […]

Find a Good Routine / Schedule for Breast Pumping

To have a good breast pumping experience, you need to create a routine and have a good time schedule to continue to maintain a good breast milk supply.  Just as you need to breastfeed your baby on a schedule initially you also will need to breast pump on a schedule. In the beginning, when you […]

Ouch! Don’t Force Your Breast Pump

Don’t force the breast pump to pump too quickly or too hard.  Sometime when we lack the time or motivation to breast pump, we decide to put both the rhythm and pressure of the breast pump too high.  Some moms may jump on the breast pump with both dials pushed up to the highest level […]

Don’t Stop Breast Pumping at Night

We all wait for that perfect night when baby sleeps through the entire night.  Is it possible; will it ever happen?  Well, yes, believe it or not, in the near future your baby will probably begin to sleep through the night. However, as wonderful as it may seem, if you are breast pumping, you probably […]

Make Sure to Have Something to Do While Breast Pumping

If all you do while breast pumping is sit and stare at the clock waiting for the time to finish, then you will feel like your breast pumping sessions will last forever.  You should have something to do while breast pumping to help the time pass by more quickly. Some things that you may want […]

Breast Pump for 2-3 Minutes Longer

Many of us lack the time that we need to breast pump for very long, and we wait impatiently while watching the minutes on a clock to decide whether to finish pumping at this time.   Well, if you want to maintain a good breast milk supply, the last thing that you should be doing is […]