My Brest Friend Pillow

Our moms at, truly love their My Brest Friend Pillow.  Sure, it is for the breast feeding mom and it is unquestionably the premier breast feeding pillow, but this pillow is wonderful for all types of feeding or just having baby nearby. This pillow was designed and engineered by real moms and babies.  Breastfeeding […]

Little or No Progress in Helping Mothers with Breast Pumping or Breastfeeding in the Workplace

Workplace Still not Friendly to New Lactating Moms In 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention set a national goal to increase the proportion of mothers who continue to breast feed their babies through the early months to 75 percent by the year 2010. Professional, retail, and manufacturing sector women decide against breast feeding […]

Your Breast Pumping Mommies Say, It’s Gonna Be Okay, Sweetie”

I know you’re feeling anxious, I’m here to help. So, now your baby is born, your hubby is home sleeping after the long eventful day and you lay in your hospital bed, alone. Your Mom lives so far away. If only she were around to reassure you that it’s all going to be ok. Sure […]

How Does a Company Consciously Fire a Mother For Providing For Her Child?

In an unprecedented case, The Columbus Dispatch writes about how the Ohio’s Supreme Court must make a decision as to whether a mother was discriminated against when she was fired from Isotoner Corp. for breast pumping. The company explains that she was fired not for breast pumping, but because she did not ask for “permission” […]

Thinking Outside of the Infant Feeding Box

Wonderful letter from Danita Barry about the the Region of Peel’s “Formula? No, Thanks!” campaign. Her enlightened view, especially as a nurse, helps us understand that breastfeeding, AT ALL COSTS, is not always the best approach. Everyone agrees that breastfeeding is without a doubt the best way to feed your baby; however, we must not […]