Calling all Mothers to Feed your Baby Breastmilk!

Providing breastmilk for your baby is the most natural thing in the world. Young mothers, poor mother, working mothers, stay at home mother, frightened mothers, uninformed mothers, join your voice to the movement.

We want to help “ALL” mothers feed their babies breastmilk.  NO EXCLUSIONS!

Our goal at is to make every mother feel able and comfortable feeding their baby breastmilk.  Le Leche League has done well by many mothers in the past.  Now, in this terrible economy, is no time to stick to a philosophy that has made me and many other mothers feel guilty when they are not successful with breastfeeding.  The sense of failure is unhealthy for mother and baby.

Now is the time for all of the women of breastmilk knowledge to work to help “EVERY” mother begin and continue feeding her baby breastmilk for as long as possible. The physical and mental health of both mother and baby are enhanced when a mother feeds her baby breastmilk, either at breast or in a bottle, at work, at home, or traveling.

“Breast is Best”, is the Le Leche League motto.  Not a bad motto, except for all the mothers who are going back to work, who are too uncomfortable breastfeeding, fearful of not having enough milk, and the hundreds of other reasons mothers have for not “breastfeeding”.

“Breastmilk is Best”! So, let’s bring breast pumping out of the closet.  Let’s stop excluding women! Let’s make a mother feel like she is a success regardless of how she gets breastmilk to her baby.

Kudos, Mothers.  Feed your babies and we at are here to help you with your needs.

Call us, email us, snail mail us with your questions, needs, concerns.

Mothers with sick babies and mothers in need, contact us for a breast pump.  We have breast pumps for mothers who fit our application criteria.

Mothers who are finished pumping, donate your pump to a needy mother or mother of a sick baby. is here to help mothers save thousands of dollars a year, offer their baby the best food source, encourage and advise any mother having problems with breastmilk supply or any problem with breast pumping or breast feeding.

At GBP we love Moms and we love helping Moms!


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