Busy Breast Pumping Moms, Here’s a Great Solution!

Few people on the planet are busier than a working mother who is breast pumping her breast milk for her baby.  Juggling home, job, and a new baby may be the most difficult time in any women’s life.  A new mother who is breast pumping struggles to find the time to feed her baby, keep house, work a job and still get minimal rest.  

One great solution is a Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier or Halter.  A mother can be breast pumping at the office and answering emails or making phone calls, or bookkeeping.  At home, Mom can be folding clothes, relaxing, paying bills, reading, or studying.

Hands free Bustiers and Halters give time back to the busy mother.  Check out our website store for more information on Hands Free Bustiers & Halters.  Watch our video.   

Happy customers say,

This product is so great – I started using it when I went back to work, but wish I had purchased it when I was still at home with the baby. I am able to type on the computer, be on the phone with clients and pump all simultaneously. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!”

“Wendy, thank you, this hands free pumping bra is great! You’re able to read, massage your breast to help get your milk flowing, and tend to your baby while your pumping. I usually have  Mia on her activity mat while I pump right next to her and can reach her, if I need to… This is a MUST have for those who are pumping! I received the bra VERY quickly, too… I only wish I had ordered it sooner!! It’s great!! Good luck!”

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