Breastmilk, New Mom & New Baby: A Whole New World

The First Few Days: is There to Help New Mothers

Prior to the delivery of their precious new baby, bright, hopeful new mothers prepare for all aspects of life with a new baby.  They buy the cute baby clothes, paint the nursery the perfect color, set up the diapering area, and buy a breast pump to make sure that she can give her baby breast milk for a year or more. They also read everything they can get their hands on to be informed about how to care for their brand new angel. New mom plans on being the best and most capable mother.

But, after several nursing sessions, new mom’s nipples really hurt. The baby can’t quite latch because mom’s breasts are beginning to change shape as they begin to fill with milk. The exhaustion from 10 hours of strong labor and very little rest last night, due to hospital schedules, has caught up to new mom.

Both new mom and new baby are struggling.  Thank goodness the lactation consultant is coming before noon to check on how the breastfeeding is going.  The next feeding is a little better, because the lactation consultant gave new mom a couple of tips on how to get the baby to latch on better, but the nipples still really hurt. After the feeding, new mom diapers her sweet baby and places it back in the bassinette and begins to rest for a while.

Less than an hour later, new baby whimpers and begins to cry. New mom musters up the strength to nurse again, but this time, the pain of the nipple that the baby latches on to, causes searing pain.  A small tear comes to new mothers eyes.  For the first time, she wonders how she will ever be able to keep up breastfeeding, or even if she can be the kind of mother she dreamed she would be, when she was doing all her preparation..

Many, many mothers have faced this situation.  Even with 30 years behind me, since my last baby was born, I can relate.  The only difference is that 30 years ago, there were no lactation consultants. knows that mothers need support, especially after they leave the hospital.  We offer free advice to breast pumping and breast feeding mothers.

The first days together for new mom and new baby can be challenging but also beautiful, when help is available.

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