Breastfeeding and Breast Pumping Making a Big Come Back

Results from a survey by UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, indicates a steady and significant increase in breastfeeding and breast pumping. Mothers are beginning to receive consistent and continuing support to breastfeed.  The 2007 UNICEF study shows an increase of slightly over 10% more mothers are opting to breastfeed at birth.

The survey showed that breastfeeding had increased little since the 1980’s.  Now, some hospitals are changing outdated practices which interfere with successful breastfeeding and have trained their staff to support breastfeeding mothers effectively.

There is still a long way to go. Birth facility policies and practices significantly impact whether a woman chooses to start breastfeeding and how long she continues to breastfeed. The breastfeeding gap in low-income and minority women is completely unacceptable.  As the California WIC Association states, “Breastfeeding should not depend on where you are born.”


Breastmilk mothers know that their milk supports optimal development and protects their baby from illnesses.  Producing breastmilk also offers the mother a quicker recovery from childbirth, as well as, life long health advantages for the mother. supports breastmilk mothers through their advice column, articles and blogs. GBP also sells a line of products that support breast pumping and breastfeeding. Although many small businesses are suffering during the economic downturn, GBP is thriving.  Mothers need help and they need the products sold in the GBP on-line store.


As the problems in the economy continue, even more mothers will most likely consider breastfeeding and breast pumping to save money.  They will also find health benefits for both baby and mother very appealing.






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