Breast Pump for 2-3 Minutes Longer

Many of us lack the time that we need to breast pump for very long, and we wait impatiently while watching the minutes on a clock to decide whether to finish pumping at this time.   Well, if you want to maintain a good breast milk supply, the last thing that you should be doing is watching a clock to see how many minutes you have been pumping.

To maintain a good breast milk supply and have plenty stocked up in your freezer for later use, you need to:

  1. breast pump until the very last of your breast milk drops into your bottles and then pump just little longer.  No matter how long it takes – 5 minutes or 25 minutes – continue to breast pump until you can no longer get any breast milk out of your breasts.
  2. In addition to waiting until no more breast milk comes out, you will want to continue to breast pump for 2-3 minutes longer to make sure that your breasts are completely empty and to signal to your body that next time you want a little more.

Do you normally wait until all of breast milk is before you stop breast pumping?  How has this helped with your breast milk supply?

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