Breast Milk Storage Containers

There are various types of containers that can be used to store your breast milk.  Studies have shown that glass or hard plastic is better for the nutrients in the breast milk.

Choose containers that:

  • are glass or hard-sided plastic containers with well-fitting tops and BPA-free
  • plastic bags that have been specifically designed for expressed breast milk.

These special plastic bags are more heavy-duty, have special closures to prevent leakage and some can be attached to pump directly into the bag.

How to store the breast milk:

  • Store your breast milk in small portions (3 to 6 oz.), the amount your baby is likely to eat in a single feeding  to avoid waste.  Remember you cannot refreeze your thawed breast milk.
  • Leave about an inch of space at the top of your container for the breastmilk to expand.
  • Laying the containers down on the side will allow them to freeze thinner and will thaw much easier.
  • Placing all the containers of breastmilk in another larger container will allow for more protection, less leakage and more organization for dates.

Washing your breastmilk storage containers is not very difficult.  You do not need to sterilize, but use hot, soapy water.  Do not re-use disposable bags.  If you find that the bags are too expensive, just use a reusable container.  We are big fans of the Sensible Lines Milk Trays.

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