Bottle vs Breastmilk Debate has a New Twist – THE ECONOMY!

One Way Families Can Cope

New mothers are considering a relatively new factor in the bottle versus breastmilk debate – THE ECONOMY. In fact, 88 percent of new moms are weighing the budget benefits of breastfeeding right alongside the health benefits, a recent survey shows.

Families are now realizing that they can save around $1,200 in one year using breast milk rather than formula. Plus, the health benefits of breast milk truly outweigh formula. Families also want to give their babies the best start possible.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies get breastmilk exclusively for the first six months, and then continue to get breastmilk at least for the first year. While many moms are aware of the health benefits, they may not realize breastmilk can same a ton of money.

This recession is making it necessary for most families to cut expenses and breastmilks can be a healthful way to keep feeding costs down for the newest member of the family.

Depending on the cost of formula, a newborn baby can consume from $43.86 to $194.22 in formula just in the first month. By six months, the cost for formula can add up to be $375.34 to $1,662.22. Over one year, a family with one infant could save between $714.42 to $3,163.86 by feeding breast milk rather than incurring the cost of formula. And, in the long run, breastfeeding also helps save on health care costs, as breastfed infants typically need fewer health care visits, prescriptions and hospitalizations.

A breast pump proved to be very economical for my family. I work full time and suffer from low milk supply. With pumping families never have buy formula and they are able to use the pump for 2, sometimes 3 babies.

Breastmilk truly does pay off for moms and babies both in health benefits and cost savings For moms purchasing a breast pump to provide breast milk for their child, the initial investment may cause a bit of sticker shock. However, when compared to the annual expense of formula, the cost is easily justified. In addition, there are also rental options for breast pumps.

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