Bliss of Motherhood

How is it that a mother can go from the extraordinary physical pain of birthing to the total bliss in less than one minute? This is one of the amazing abilities of a woman’s body.

The second that her baby is placed in her arms, a mother experiences bliss. The smell of her baby, the baby’s sounds, the warmth of it delicate skin against her own creates a temporary womb that she and her newborn are enveloped in.

The doctor can be doing more procedures, the father and family can be rejoicing all ‘round this bonding, but mother and baby have made their first extra uterine contact. The long, long anticipated moment is unveiled and nothing else in the world matters.

Thank goodness that hospitals support and encourage immediate bonding times for mother and baby. How sweet the tenderness of a baby lying on mother’s chest. The baby can smell mother’s milk and instinctively desires and make movements to nurse.

The beatific events of mother giving life, then giving precious nourishment of mother’s breast milk is the most generous design in the cycle of life.

Mothers of the world, rejoice in the largesse you bring to the world.

Tomorrow let’s talk about the moms who don’t get the bliss, since people don’t talk about this awful reality. All moms don’t get bliss.

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