Biography –

Wendy Williamson is a 38 year old mother of three.  A past educator, now a web programmer/developer, Wendy owns her own ecommerce business and runs the Zachary Williamson Memorial Foundation.  After the loss of her son, Zachary Williamson, Wendy knew that she wanted to create a memorial in memory of her lost angel.

Zachary was a beautiful little baby who was born with a heart defect, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He gave this world and so many people a great gift for eight wonderful days. And Wendy knew that she must create something that would bring together her passion for helping mothers and a catalyst for memorializing her son, Zachary.

While Wendy was pregnant for her third baby, Gabrielle, she spent hours preparing to breast feed her and was determined to do it. Even knowing she would have to manage post-partum depression, as she did for her other 2 pregnancies, Wendy thought she was ready.

Wendy tried to bring Gabrielle to breast, but the baby did not latch on.  When she arrived home from the hospital, Wendy was engorged and needed relief and she was still firm about feeding Gabrielle mother’s milk.  Needing some help with breast pumping, she searched the internet for information about pumping, breast milk supply, and many other issues related to feeding her baby girl healthy breast milk. She had a difficult time finding any information on the internet.

It was at this point that Wendy decided there needed to be a central location to help moms get the necessary information that they needed for breast pumping and feeding their baby.

Over the past couple years, she received numerous emails and questions from moms and have added to the list of frequently asked questions and articles. The website became an on-going passion that she has to help mothers and hopes to help many mommies searching for that golden nugget to help them through this exciting, exhausting, and sometimes confusing time in their life.

Providing extensive information to help mothers with breast pumping and general feeding advice, she began selling distinctive and practical products that she used in her own breast pumping experience.  Many mothers emailed Wendy with praise and thanks for all she had done to enhance their breast pumping experience.

Dedicated to breast pumping and helping other mothers on her website, she was faced with another challenge.   How could she toss out her own breast pump that fed her baby for over a year?  It was just too difficult to do.  Talking with so many of the other mothers, she realized that they too had the same dilemma.

Disposing of an expensive piece of equipment that provided such great love and food to their sweet, little babies was just too difficult.  Wendy could not find any place to donate a “used” breast pump.  Wendy decided to help other moms, by accepting those lovingly used breast pumps and providing them to mothers in need.  Thus the Zachary Williamson Memorial Foundation was created, and with the support of the breast pumping website, Wendy provides a one-stop information/shop/donate site for breast pumping moms.

Toni Phillips is a 59 year old mother of three and grandmother of three. She has an undergraduate and graduate degree in education.  Also, a past educator, she now partners with her daughter, Wendy Williamson, at  Toni’s responsibilities are sales, customer care, inventory control, and public relations.  Mother and daughter work together every day.  Their working relationship is a seamless effort of love.  If it needs to be done, one of the two picks up the task and runs with it.

Both Wendy and Toni are very passionate about helping mothers feed their babies. is a culmination of two women’s life desire to make this a better world for mothers and their children.