Back to Basics (part 2) – Is There Only One Right Way to Feed Your Baby?

Many moms plan and prepare for how to feed their baby before the precious bundle is even born.  This is probably a great way to start the healthy breastfeeding journey.  If you are at least prepared for what is ahead, then the process is just a little easier along the way.  However, once baby is in your life, things may not always turn out the way that you planned.  If your attempts at breastfeeding don’t turn out exactly as you planned, this in no way means that you have failed, but that you tried your best.  I definitely felt like this for days after I could not get Gabrielle to latch on.

But, the most important thing to remember is that there is not just one way to feed your baby.  Just because you had to introduce your baby to formula a few times, does not mean that you cannot return to breastfeeding, and occasionally breast pumping.

Instead of thinking that there is only one way, to feed your baby, realize that you can incorporate every way into you and your baby’s life.

  • Breastfeeding

  • Breast Pumping

  • Formula

You can do each exclusively, 2 of each, or a little of all the options.

Perhaps in the evenings when you are less stressed and family is around, you might want to take baby into a quiet, dim room and breastfeed. In the mornings, when everyone is running around trying to get ready, you might want to give baby a bottle of breastmilk. And then those times when you are just not breast pumping as much milk as baby needs, you may supplement with formula.

Again, just because you have introduced your baby to formula, does not mean that you can never go back to breastmilk. Your milk will be there for quite a while and even if it starts to dry up, if you put some time and effort into it, it can return just as before.

So, think about all the options that you have available and do what feels most comfortable for you.

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