Back to Basics – Part 1 (why exclusive pumping?)

Many moms have different reasons for choosing to exclusively pump.

Although for my last baby I setup her room to lock myself in and get this breastfeeding thing down, it just didn’t work for me. I had severe depression with each birth, and my doctor put me on anti-depressants during my third trimester with Gabrielle. I was much better when she was born and didn’t experience the same anxiety and depression as before, but still felt terribly uncomfortable about breastfeeding. I was so desperate to do it, which caused even greater anxiety. I’d finally figured that I was very visual and had to see that milk actually flowing into her. Once I realized this and started exclusive pumping, we were both as happy as little larks.

If you do decide to exclusively pump, let go of the guilt. I have so much admiration for those wonderful moms who can breastfeed exclusive. But pumping still allows your wonderfully created breast milk to be fed to your sweet one.

So decide what’s best for you (you have lots of options):

  • Exclusive breastfeeding
  • Exclusive breast pumping
  • Exclusive formula
  • Combination of each or all

Just remember that you’re a great mom and your beautiful baby will flourish with whatever choice that you make.

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  1. I fought tooth and nail against healthcare professionals who believed I couldn’t do it, and yet managed to do it for 6 months each for my two (now they are 2 and 5! eep)

    I am a control freak and needed to know how much my child was feeding and when, and so exclusive pumping was the only way for me to be stress free. I decided to do that for the first 6 months of their lives, and I did.

  2. Hey Vivian, That’s exactly why I decided to exclusively pump and loved it.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I also exclusively pumped for similar reasons. I did it for a year w/each of my two kids. Its a lot of hard work but completely doable. I never actually had any guilt. I was and am so proud of myself for doing it. My babies got the best nutrition and I worked my ass off to do it for them. I encourage pumping. It can allow a lot more freedom for mom and maybe keep her breastfeeding longer.

  4. Hey Jennifer, You are right, it can be pretty difficult, but the rewards are SO worth it!

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