Spring Is In the Air

I’m so ready for my yard to be filled with birds again. I spent all day studying outside on Sunday. It was gorgeous. I set up the bird feeders and already had tons of birds. I saw a little hummingbird the weekend before, and he was flying around like “Hey! What up? I just flew […]

GotBreastPump Has Been Highjacked – By Me!

Yes, I’m going to be like one of those websites/blogs that has a mid-life crisis.  I’ve posted on the website for several years and then, when I really didn’t have much new about breast pumping, I just gave it up for a bunch of years.  I didn’t breast pump any more, thank goodness – that […]

Back to Basics (part 2) – Is There Only One Right Way to Feed Your Baby?

Many moms plan and prepare for how to feed their baby before the precious bundle is even born.  This is probably a great way to start the healthy breastfeeding journey.  If you are at least prepared for what is ahead, then the process is just a little easier along the way.  However, once baby is […]

Mommy Mobile App – American Baby’s Baby Nursing

American Baby’s Baby Nursing app incorporates many of the essential items that keep a busy, new mom organized.  Having one place to record daily activities, routines and milestones would be beneficial for any mom, especially those that have a Type A personality like me. The American Baby Baby Nursing app is a free app that […]

Guinness Book of World Record – Breast Milk Donation

As I was doing some research on breast milk donations, I came across the Guinness Book of World Record holder for donating breast milk. Who knew that such a thing existed. Since I had donated 200 ounces myself, my thought was about how impressive this particular record is, as opposed to how many straws someone […]

HoneySuckle Breastmilk Storage Bags – New Product in Stock

I’m very choosy about which items I offer in my store because I want to offer only quality products. So when I see something that can benefit moms, I’m ready to try it out. This product is offered by a group of moms that created one of the best breast pumping bras, Simple Wishes. So, […]

Back to Basics – Part 1 (why exclusive pumping?)

Many moms have different reasons for choosing to exclusively pump. Although for my last baby I setup her room to lock myself in and get this breastfeeding thing down, it just didn’t work for me. I had severe depression with each birth, and my doctor put me on anti-depressants during my third trimester with Gabrielle. […]

I’m Back!

Hey mommies! I’m back from a long hiatus. Getting a job a couple of years go really became overwhelming and Gotbreastpump suffered from it. Although it’s a great job, and I’m so thankful for it, your continued comments and questions have beckoned me back to the website. I’m hoping that my research and information about […]

Engorgement Relief! What can I do?

Breast engorgement happens when you produce more milk than you express, be that from the baby sucking or you pumping. What is actually happening is that the milk has overfilled the milk ducts and is filling up in your breasts. Your symptoms probably include: Hard swollen breasts Mild to severe pain Throbbing It will become […]

Which Breast Pump is Right for You?

Whether you are going back to work; want to be able to get time away from baby to take care of yourself, run errands, or spend time with dad; or planning to pump exclusively, the breast pump can be an invaluable tool. Using a breast pump is also a great way to help increase your […]