Is That a Breast Pump In Your Pants or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

According to The Ledge, a man was arrested for attempting to steal a breast pump by sticking in down in pants.  A Wal-mart security officer noticed the man stuffing the breast pump pieces down in pants, followed him through the garden section and gave chase as the man was leaving the store. Seriously, what was […]

Moms Can Find Towels Everywhere!

Enough is enough.  Having 4 people use towels on a daily basis is just pushing me to my breaking point.  Robert and I re-use our towels for a few days, by placing our wet towels over the shower to let them dry over night.  I attempted to get the kids to the same, but they […]

Babies R Us Has Completely Lost My Respect!

If you are a mommy or know someone who will be soon, then you may want to reconsider that trip to Babies R Us.  As a breast pumping mom, I was very happy with the breast pump that I purchased years ago, the Medela Pump in Style.  However, as an internet retailer of pumping products, […]

Get Rid of the Guilt!

How many moms feel guilty?  Go ahead raise those hands – I think every mom has at some time or another; especially if you are a working mom or a mom that does not breastfeed.  I had immense guilt about not breastfeeding my babies.  I tried so hard to do it, but my depression was […]

Rhinehart Reunion 2009

Wow!  The Rhinehart Reunion was HOT last week but everyone had a great time in the water.  The kids had an especially great time riding in boats, fishing and tubing. Caney Lake is huge and beautiful.  Even the babies got to feel the wind in their hair as they sped along the lake in boats.  […]

Pumping Your Breast Milk for Other Babies

Recently, we have been receiving emails from moms stating that their babies had to go on formula and wanted to know what they can do with their already frozen breast milk.  Like any mom that has pumped their precious breast milk, it is almost impossible to physically force yourself to just throw into a garbage […]

New Ameda Purely Yours Ultra

Ameda breast pumps have been a favorite among many moms because of the lower price as compared to companies like Medela.  Now, Ameda has created their new breast pump, Ameda Purely Yours Ultra. This breast pump has some of the same features as the Medela Pump in Style Advanced and the Avent ISIS Duo, such […]

WNBA Star Breast Pumps at Work

Okay, I have to admit that I feel a little guilty admitting that I complained about having to breast pump at work after reading this article about WNBA star Candace Parker.  The article from Newsday states that this incredible mom practices with her teammates, stretches, then heads to the locker room to breast pump for […]

10 Tips for Making Pumping Work – At Work

Okay, let’s get back to our discussion of returning to work.  3. Before you return to work, get support from your boss or supervisor. Tell your boss about the benefits of lower health care costs and increased time on the job for breast milk moms. You may even want to print this info from the Center […]

10 Tips for Making Pumping Work – At Work

(Yes, 56% of New Moms Go Back to Work in 3 Months or Less) 1. The more time you spend with your baby, before your return to work, the better.  This may sound like a no brainer, but life for moms in the 21st century is incredibly demanding, especially during the recession. Also, moms are returning […]