At 3 Months, I Am Not Making Enough Milk for My Baby

Question from a New Mom:

I don’t think I am producing enough milk for my baby. She is 3 months old and she eats every 3 hours.

I pump 3 to 4 oz each session. Is that enough? She is eating about 30 oz per day.

I get about 7 oz first thing in the morning after 8 hours since my last pumping session.

Does Fenugreek work?
Thank you,

Answer from Toni:

You mentioned not pumping for 8 hours at night. Unfortunately, this is most likely the root cause of your low milk production.
Night feedings are critical to increasing milk supply. Most successful pumpers state that although they would love to stop night pumping, but they do it usually 2 times per night, even if they pump for a year or more. There is good reason for night pumping. The hormone Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation (FIL) signals the mammary glands to slow or stop production when large gaps exist in pumping/feeding times, especially at night. Even if you pump frequently during the day, when you don’t pump enough at night, FIL will go to work and reduce your milk supply.

To get your milk supply up again, consider a schedule like 9PM, Midnight, 3 AM. When you do your first morning pump after one or two nights of this schedule, you will see ample milk in the morning and extra milk during the day and evening pumping.

If you pump at night, you may not need to pump so often in the daytime.
This is a schedule for a full day that moms have used to bring back milk supply.
Waking AM to Noon
6 AM, 9 AM, 12 Noon

Afternoon to Midnight
3 PM, 6PM, 9 PM, 12 Midnight

Wee Hours (A Must!)
3 AM

Another idea to consider is learning to get the ‘hind milk’ out. This is the last milk to come out during breastfeeding or breast pumping. It takes extra effort to get the hind milk out but this milk is higher in nutrition and fat content that babies need to feel full.

When you are pumping, you will notice that the milk starts out watery and mostly white. As you pump longer the color turns more tan and is thicker. If you pump until no milk is left, you will get very rich, thick milk.

The important thing about this milk is that when the ‘hind milk’ leaves the breast, it signals another hormone that will produce MORE milk. Making a couple of changes may have a very positive impact on your milk production.

Yes, many mothers use a supplement Fenugreek and another galactagogue called More Milk Plus Vegetarian Capsules to increase milk production, too. We sell them on our site,

If you try these ideas and still need help, just email. There are other things that may help too.

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