Are You Having a Breast Milk Crisis?

Need to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply?

Pumping often is important, but pumping longer is really important too, when you want to increase your breast milk supply fast.
Add 5 to 7 minutes to your pumping time.  When you get the last drops of milk, extend pumping 5 to 7 minutes longer.
Do this every time you pump for 2 to 3 days.  This will trigger the hormones that increase breast milk.
Make sure to do this even at night, “especially at night”.  Pump a minimum of 2 times every night while breast milk supply is low.
You will very likely see an improvement in one day, maybe even by the first morning pumping following the day you started.
Frequent and longer pumping sessions, along with increasing liquid intake, have a powerful impact on increasing breast milk supply.
 Contact Toni at is you have questions. I will be glad to help you personally, if you need more support.

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