Ameda Mother's Milk Freezer Bags

Many moms who are true Ameda breast pump fans really enjoy these breast milk bags.  That is why it is rated number 4 out 6 on the 6 most popular bags.  It is very different from the other bags in that it is not have a zipper seal at the top.  It used, as some moms say, a more time-consuming method of clipping the top and rolling down to get all of the air out.  So, though, it is more time-consuming, it is much more effective of keeping air out of the bag.

Another great point about this breast milk bag is that it easily attaches to the breast pump shield while you are breast pumping instead of using a bottle at any point.  Also because of this method of closure, there seems to be no complaints of leaks or breakage of the milk bag.

A box of 20 pre-sterilized bags can cost between $9.95 and $11.99.

This bag:

  • holds 6 oz. of milk
  • is pre-sterilized
  • is self-standing design keep the bags from tipping over
  • contains twist ties to easily use with the breast pump

These are not re-useable, therefore can get somewhat costly.  Some moms have complained that the ounces on the bag are not easy to be read once you fold down the bag to close it.

Next, we will discuss Gerber Seal N Go Breastmilk Storage Bag.

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