GabMomThe thought of a charity has been on our minds for some time as a memorial to our son, Zachary Gabriel Williamson. He was a beautiful little baby who was born with a heart defect, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He gave this world and so many people a great gift for eight wonderful days. We think of him everyday and pray to him to help us help others.However, for some time, we were unable to think of the right charity to help others, until the birth of our third angel, Gabrielle Diane. While I was pregnant for her, I spent hours preparing to breast feed her, and I was determined that I was going to do it. Yet, with sleep deprivation and post-partum depression, my family and friends made me realize that it was actually better for Gabrielle to not bring her to breast. Because, I had to pump breast milk for Zach, just a few years ago, I still had a very good breast pump. I immediately began breast pumping and loved it. I was able to give Gabrielle the best milk made just for her, while allowing others, like her father and grandmother, to bond with her, and getting a few extra hours of sleep each night. This created a greater bond between the two of us, because I was happy and rested, therefore, she was happy and just as sweet as could be.Bringing baby to breast is obviously the best choice to make and should be encouraged in every situation, however, when breastfeeding is not possible, breast pumping is the next best choice to make sure that your baby gets the best milk possible. Yet, whether a mom successfully brings baby to breast or exclusively breast pumps, every mother should be aware that a breast pump will most likely need to be used whether for occasional use, such as a night out or returning to work, or full time.

Some Trivial Facts About Us:

  • Our family consists of Daddy (Robert), Mommy (Wendy), Seth (brother), Gabrielle (sister), Shadow (dog)
  • Wendy was the queen of a Mardi Gras parade
  • Robert still owns his first car (1969 Challenger)
  • Seth is on the Robotics Team for his school – our engineer
  • Gabrielle makes her own Littlest Pet Shop videos – our director
  • Shadow sleeps

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