Using a Breast Pump To Stop Engorgement

Engorgement can be a very painful thing to go through.  As you are going through the process of drying up your breast milk, you feel like the pain of the engorgement will never go away.  I was lucky enough to breast pump for my baby girl for over a year; however, before that I attempted to breastfeed my son for well over a couple of week with no luck.

Because of the severe pain of the engorged breasts that I experienced as I tried to stop breastfeeding, a lactation consultant suggested that I rent a hospital-grade breast pump to both alleviate the pain and get some breast milk for the baby.  My first exposure to this rental breast pump was very good.   It helped tremendously with the pain of my engorged breast, yet being well over a decade ago, how to breast pump exclusively was still almost a mystery.  Therefore, I really only used the breast pump to keep the engorgement pain to a minimum.

Today, we are much luckier with the excessive amount of information, supplies AND variety of breast pumps that though we may have trouble bringing baby to breast this does not mean that we cannot provide our babies with our breast milk.

Every mom, whether they are breast pumping or bringing baby to breast should come home from the hospital with at a manual pump.  Every mom will go through engorged breasts when your breast milk finally comes in and you and baby get on a good schedule.  Having the breast pump around to help during those times of engorgement will help. Even if you are bringing baby to breast, manual pumping a little extra milk in the first days will help to keep the pain down.

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