6 Most Popular Breast Milk Storage Bags

Most moms have had to use these wonderful, yet sometimes aggravating little bags.  Whether you are an exclusively pumping mom or a breastfeeding mom who uses these bags on occasion, you probably have used these bags before.

Below I have provided 6 of the most popular breast milk storage bags listed in order of their average ratings:

  1. Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags
  2. The First Years Easy Pour Milk Storage Bags
  3. Dr. Brown’s Milk Storage Bags
  4. Ameda Mother’s Milk Freezer Bags
  5. Gerber Seal N Go Breastmilk Storage Bag
  6. Medela Pump and Save Storage Bags

Over the next few days, I’ll go into greater detail about some of these breast milk storage bags.  Our choice for breast milk bags is the Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags, which we sell on our store.

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