Dosage and Effectiveness of Fenugreek

Hi Toni,

I am unsure of the dosage and how quickly fenugreek works, can you help?

Hi New Mom,

With the natural breast milk enhancer, fenugreek, the breasts seem to increase production only when breasts are emptied following each pumping or feeding. The milk response to fenugreek can to be somewhat dose-dependent. Three capsules of ground fenugreek seeds taken twice daily seem to be an adequate dose for most mothers.

At, we recommend that mothers do their own research and/or speak with their doctor before taking supplements, because some people react differently to different supplements or medications.

To jump start a very low milk supply, some mothers will take four or five capsules at one time.  Please note, that some women will experience moderate engorgement about 36 hours later. Three capsules a day are not enough. The dose may need to be adjusted for each mother. Fenugreek can also be taken in tea form. Fenugreek’s mechanism of action seems to be related to its’ propensity to increase sweat production. In case you don’t know, the breasts are modified sweat glands.

Some mothers, who do not sweat much, may produce less milk. The sweat that is produced while taking fenugreek smells of maple syrup. If there is no sweet odor, the fenugreek dose is not high enough to affect milk production. Changes in fenugreek dosing affect milk production about 1 to 2 days after the change.

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