Moms are Full of Great Ideas on Breast Pumping and Returning to Work. 4 Days of Tips – Day 2

Here are Day 2’s Great Breast Pumping Tips

Pumping more frequently is more important than how long you pump.

Try to pump at least every three hours if you are having milk supply problems.

Do not gauge your milk supply by how much you pump at certain sessions; consider how much you pump in a whole day.

Before you pump, relax and do a quick breast massage to get a better let down.Before and during pumping, visualize yourself with lots of milk, especially during pumping.  Some mothers say they imagine being a breast milk fountain for their baby.

Pump frequently at night or try reverse cycling. Reverse cycling is when your baby wants to eat more at night than during the day. This night pumping is a very important way to increase milk supply.

Try drinking Mothers Milk tea.

Eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning and even for a snack. Oatmeal is really good for boosting milk supply.

Use a slow flow nipple for your baby’s bottles, if you are nursing.  This will equalize the level of work a baby must do, to get milk from a bottle or from mother’s breast.

Find a day care provider that is a breastfeeding/breast pumping supporter. An uninformed day care provider can sabotage your success.

Take Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle or other galactagogues to maintain milk supply.

More great tips tomorrow. Check us out.

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