10 Ways to Increase Breast Milk – Relaxation


Relaxation – you’ll be surprised, once you begin to relax while breastfeeding or your pumping sessions, at just how much more milk you will begin to have. If you are breast pumping, it is important not look at the breast milk going into the bottle while you are pumping.

At GotBreastPump.com, we talk to mothers all the time.  Many moms put themselves under terrible stress.  They call and email, telling us that they pump every hour because their milk supply is low.

Pumping that often will only cause stress and trauma, which in turn will reduce breast milk supply even further.

One piece of advice I wish new moms would listen to, is that they can produce enough milk, if you stay calm and avoid stressing about breast milk production.

Breastmilk is important, but nearly all babies will survive and grow if they get formula.  This does not mean that we support giving formula to babies.  But it is not the worst thing that can happen if you can’t produce enough breast milk.

Too many new mothers pressure themselves to be perfect.  Perfection is not healthy or real.  The pressure to be a perfect mother can lead to harm to mother and perhaps the baby, as well.

The key word is RELAX.  Ratcheting down the pressure is important.  Relaxation will aid in more milk production and a calmer baby.

In preparation for a pumping session, use your favorite relaxation technique.  Some mothers play soothing music, some use visualization of calming places before they begin pumping.  A warm cup of herbal or chamomile tea before and during pumping will create a relaxing environment.

Take a deep breath, let the stress go and watch the milk begin to flow.

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