10 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Milkmaid Tea Is # 7 of the 10 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply at GotBreastPump.com

Milkmaid Tea – you may find that this tea will begin to increase breast milk supply in about 2-3 days. Some moms have even said that it helps their baby with gas and colic. To prepare, steep like traditional tea.                             

Start increasing your breast milk supply by purchasing Milkmaid Tea now at GotBreastPump.com.

The ingredients in this teaare natural breast milk enhancers and have a lightly sweet flavor. The list of ingredients are USDA Certified 100% Organic: Trigonella foenum-graecum (organic fenugreek) seed, Foeniculum vulgare (organic fennel) seed, Rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry) leaf, Citrus sinensis (organic orange) peel, Urtica diocica (organic stinging nettle) leaf, Mentha spicata (organic spearmint) leaf, Pempinella anisum (organic anise) seed, Carum carvi (organic caraway) seed and Medicago sativa (organic alfalfa) leaf.. All of the ingredients in this tea are galactagogues.

Galactagogues are any substances that encourage new mothers to increase breast milk production. Though some pharmaceutical companies have developed prescription drugs for this purpose, most smart moms prefer to approach the supply issue in a more natural manner, with herbs that women have used safely for hundreds of years.

Enjoy this tea and relax while the organic ingredients begin to help you milk flow.


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