10 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Another Way to Increase Breast Milk Supply


Fenugreek is #3 on GotBreastPump.com’s list of 10 Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply. This herb is a galactagogue.  Galactagogues are substances that induce lactation and have been used throughout history by mothers.


Fenugreek – you may find that this will increase breast milk supply within 1-2 days.  In addition, it is very simple when taking Fenugreek in capsule form. Start increasing your breast milk supply by purchasing this incredible capsule containing Fenugreek now.


It has proved a great remedy for the mothers who are breast pumping for their non-nursing infants and nursing mothers.


Fenugreek has also been used by mothers who want to restart their breastmilk and even by mothers who adopt.  Mothers who have never had a baby can produce breastmilk simply by taking a galactagogue supplement like fenugreek.


In tomorrow’s blog, we will talk about the benefits of oatmeal and it ability to help increase breastmilk production.

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