10 Tips to Successful Exclusive Breast Pumping

Exclusive breast pumping is becoming more and more popular as moms become busier and busier.  But as each year passes, providing breast milk to our babies while still keeping the hectic schedule that we call our lives, it becoming must easier and more efficient.

The 10 tips should help you make your breast pumping more successful, whether you are pumping occasionally or exclusively.

  1. Use a quality breast pump that is meant for exclusive breast pumping
  2. Massage or squeeze your breasts from your armpits forward the entire time you are breast pumping
  3. Breast pump for 2-3 minutes after the last of your breast milk has stopped
  4. Make sure to relax or have something to do to preoccupy you while you are pumping (this helps the time go by much more quickly)
  5. Do not give up the night time breast pumping session, even when baby is sleeping through the night
  6. Don’t force the breast pump to pump too quickly or keep the pressure too high
  7. Create a routine/schedule and try not to deviate from it
  8. Remember that this will not be for the rest of your life (perhaps less than a year or even just a few months)
  9. Have a routine for how to handle your breast milk after you are finished pumping, so as not to lose any from spoilage
  10. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day

What have been some of your favorite tricks to help you breast pump longer for your baby?  Let us know.

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  1. Hi Laurie! Im so glad you asked because I love sharing my favorite product with other pumping moms. I have twins and have to pump a lot, but my hands free pumping bra saved my life! It’s made by Easy Expression http://www.easyexpression.com (mine is the bustier) and this bra allows you to pump completely hands free so you can do something else with your hands. You are more relaxed pumping this way, and when you are more relaxed, you can usually produce more milk! You can use this bra with any electronic breast pump too!

    Twin Momma Kathleen

  2. Hi Kathleen, We also sell the Easy Expression bustiers right here on our website. This is one of my favorite breast pump products and it helped me breast pump for Gabrielle for over a year. Good Luck!

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