10 Tips for Making Pumping Work – At Work

Okay, let’s get back to our discussion of returning to work.

 3. Before you return to work, get support from your boss or supervisor. Tell your boss about the benefits of lower health care costs and increased time on the job for breast milk moms. You may even want to print this info from the Center for Disease Control, to support your effort. Seek out and request a space for pumping so you are ready when you arrive your first day.

4. Have a solid schedule set and try to stick to it. Changes in schedules for moms returning to work is one of the big reasons that these moms can develop milk supply problems. Also, keep your night pumping up. You will be more tired when you return to work, so go to bed earlier but do not skip your night feedings or pumping. This is also another reason for milk supply issues. It is important to get the rest you need and to take care of your health.

Next week, we’ll continue our journey back to work. Have a safe and healthy 4th of July and be good to yourself, sweet mommas.

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