Easter Lilies for Mother’s Day


My mom gave me some Easter Lily bulbs last year and I planted them in my garden at the end of last summer, thinking that there was no way I could grow these gorgeous flowers.

Well, about the end of January, I tarted to see something sprouting. I’ve been watching them grow over the last few months, and it was such a nice surprise to see an open bloom this morning. They have me a nice little present for Mothers Day.

The smell outside is perfect


It's so absolutely perfect outside today. Clear skies, cool breeze and this incredible smell - ligustrum, cut grass and swimming pools. Perfect combination to procrastinate and stare up at the sky when I should be reading my technical communication … [Continue reading]

So close to the end


I'm so tired and keep looking at that clock for the last 30 minutes, which is not helping with my reading. The end of the semester is so close, but I just don't feel like doing any more reading. "Less than 2 weeks," it's the only thing that keeps … [Continue reading]

If You Don’t Love Dogs . . .


I was a high school English teacher when Seth was born. And my first year of teaching I received a lot of information from experienced teachers and one that I particularly loved was information and a book from Dr. Harry Wong. He’s just a brilliant … [Continue reading]

Now, That’s What I Call Confidence


I’m not a sports fan at all. As a graduate of LSU, living just minutes outside of Baton Rouge, and working for a company established by professors at LSU, people are surprised that I do not participate in LSU sports. On our dress down days, you can … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Apps To Help Every Mom Stay Efficient


After driving Gabrielle  to school, working eight hours, and then spending three hours in a classroom two night a week, I’m often asked how I get it all done. My days are pretty hectic, but staying organized and being efficient definitely keeps me … [Continue reading]

That’s My Baby?


There are so many moments in your life when your children make you proud. But, today was the first time that I had one of those “Oh my gosh, my baby did that? He’s amazing!” kind of moments.  I couldn't really figure out what that particular thing … [Continue reading]

Mommy, Come Get Me!


Oh, my Baby Girl went from happy “Yeah, it’s "Fun Day," and I get to play games at school and hang out with my friends all day long” to (sobbing) “Mommy, come get me” (sobbing). Poor little thing had such terrible pain in her side that she couldn’t … [Continue reading]

The Banana King

rich cohen

A couple of nights ago, my Performance Studies class was devoted to an author reading by Rich Cohen. He wrote a biography about Sam Zermurray, the New Orleans Banana King. It was an interesting reading since the book was essentially about an … [Continue reading]

If I Could Press the “Reset” Button


If I could press the “Reset” button I would certainly take advantage of this in certain areas of my life. Now that I'm in my mid-40’s, I am looking back at my life and seeing that I did so many things right, but, also, did so many things wrong. So, I … [Continue reading]